Saturday, November 24, 2012

Carpe Diem Haiku „Silver Birch“

Dressed in yellow
Like a Chinese Emperor
The Northern rulers

I’ve taken the picture North of Arkhangelsk at the White Sea near a village by the name of Lapominka. A poacher was vanishing between the birches just in front of me, carrying his rifle on the back.

Silver birches rest
Looking sadly at
The leaving wild geese

Birds have long gone
Lonely birch tree remains
Longing for Björk’s song

Bared birch trees
Wearing winter’s dress
Logs burning inside

(Ain't no ghost inside the fire)


  1. Awesome series of haiku on Silver Birch. Beautiful pictures too. Thank you for participating in Carpe Diem.

  2. And thank you for putting up the daily haiku meme.

  3. I like these haiku very much...great series of photos to go with the haiku.
    Siggi in Downeast Maine, USA

  4. Esta é uma das marcas que mas vendem nas redes sociais.