Monday, November 19, 2012

Carpe diem Haiku “Mist”

Mists rise at dawn
Colours fade
First snow is near

Misty morning
Flies still rest
Cows ruminating

Rising smoke
Into the morning mist
White heron circling

Mist covers grass
Breakfast is ready
Cat leaves the house

Barren fields
Pines above mist
Temple bell sounds

Wizard of mist outside
On the dashboard
A withered rose

Evening Mist
Potato fires
Reminiscing summer

Dancing moon rays
Between the lifting mists
To the crickets' song


  1. Great series Lothar. Lovely images and good takes on 'mist'.

  2. "wizard of mist"

    This wisp of words both sounds and looks lovely!

    Mist and Mice

    Would you mind turning off the word verification, please? It is really annoying because it is so hard to read. I have tried three times already, but without success. Thank you!

  3. wonderful set.....espec. liked the first - the fading of color is just the part of winter I hate, but your image and imagery made me feel a bit better...

  4. Isn't it strange that people dress in dull and dark colours throughout autumn and winter? Unless they disturb the mountains.