Monday, November 12, 2012

Tweetup at the ACR 2012 Meeting in Washington D.C.

Another annual meeting of the ACR and another Tweetup.
This has been the 3rd tweetup at an international meeting on rheumatology and so it isn't routine, yet. We've met in Chicago 2011, some also in Atlanta 2010, and some in Berlin at the EULAR 2012. We satrted in Atlanta with 3 people, 10 in Chicago, 8 in Berlin, and more than 16 in Washington. Next year or in 2014 we might need a ballroom to meet. :-)) Let me thank Brian Reid for looking and booking the location.

Who has been at this year's ACR tweetup (hashtag #ACR2012 and to some extent #ACR12)? A list of participants you will find at the end of this text. Tweetup means bringeing together people in real life, who otherwise exchange ideas on the internet, to be specific on Twitter. You will find all kinds of people, who are connected on twitter to discuss rheumatic diseases, and you will find them all in the list of twitterers: patients, rheumatologists, epidemiologists, press people, patient organizations, representatives ...
What did we discuss? We discussed quite an array of topics, but more important has been bringing all these people together and seeing each other in real life. So, discussion included introductions, different needs of information on rheumatology on the net and how to meet these needs, connectivity and the role of social media, twitter and rheumatology (#rheum), patients and doctors (interactions, what patients tell and what they fear to tell), side effects of new and old drugs, the problems and frustrations of "nothing works", improvements, new concepts, etc. (I could take part in all conversations).
Thanks all for coming. I hope that we meet again at another tweetup, either at thr next EULAR meeting in Madrids 2013 (#EULAR13) or the ACR meeting in San Diego (#ACR13). But let's stay connected on Twitter!

Participants at the Washington 2012 ACR Tweetup (alphabetical order of Twitter names):
@Alex Bangs              Alex Bangs
@BetsyRapp               Betsy Rapp
@brianreid                 Brian Reid
@carvicab                  Carlo V. Caballero
@doctorakerkar          Shashank Akerkar
@dsymons                  Dana Symons
@JohnDavis                John Davis
@kitteybeth               Katie Beth Young
@laurencurren            Lauren Curren
@NatRevRheumatol    Emma Leah
@psufka                     Paul Sufka
@rawarrior                 Kelly Young
@Rheumatologe          Lothar M. Kirsch 
@simba37                   Suleman Bhana
@SocialMediaShan       Shannon Ragland
@VictoriaDavis            Victoria Davis

(Any mistake or omission is my mistake - please notify me and I'll make the necessary corrections)
I'll run an improvement on the second picture as soon as I'll be back to Germany.
Washington 12.11.2012 11:35 a.m.
Meerbusch 19.11.2012 07:50 a.m.

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