Monday, January 13, 2014

ABT-122 at the 2013 ACR Meeting in San Diego

ABT-122 is a dual variable domain immunoglobulin targeting both TNF-alpha and IL-17. Mouse studies showed the combination more efficacious than treatment with either antibody.

Chung-Ming Hsieh and collegues presented the following study [1427]: “Discovery and Characterization Of ABT-122, An Anti-TNF/IL-17 DVDIg ™ Molecule As a Potential Therapeutic Candidate For Rheumatoid Arthritis.” Results: “In acute mouse models in vivo, these DVD-Ig™ molecules also demonstrated potent inhibition of human TNF and IL-17 activity. The DVD-Ig™ molecule with the best affinity and potency, as well as the longest half-life in rat was designated ABT-122 for further development.” Conclusion: “Based on the combined efficacy in a preclinical mouse arthritis model, the demonstrated efficacy of TNF-targeted therapy in RA patients, and encouraging response to IL-17 antibodies in RA clinical trials, we will be evaluating the efficacy and safety profile of the anti-TNF/IL-17 DVD-Ig™ molecule in human RA clinical trials.”

The crucial point will be: does better efficacy also mean more side effects. Perhaps we have been too restrictive in combining biologics in the past. Maybe strategies using more than one biologic agent, maybe in a certain sequence, will yield a therapeutic approach with less side effects and more efficacy. But I’m dreaming …

ABT-122 is in preclinical evaluation, and let’s hope that we see clinical data soon. The approach is interesting.

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