Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Zealand Haiku Second Series

Lost clouds in the sky
Pink in the evening sun
Flying flamingos

The glowing lupins
As sun is going to rest
Wild geese passing by

Collecting driftwood
As evenings are still cold
The white heron hunts

Green moss listening
To the water dripping down
Tree sighing deeply

Calm Lake Tekapo
Fragrance of wisteria
Cousin's gone so long

Voices of some birds
Waimakariri River
A new spring morning

Around the village
Meadows in green and yellow
Skylark is singing

Days getting longer
Fragrances in the warm air
Silent evening

Fresh green in the pines
Some mountains are snow capped still
Birds nesting again

Sun caressing beech trees
Water falls in a bride's veil
A lonely tui sings

The rocks look with eyes
Through the beech wood in flower
Waterfall humming

Arthur's Pass / Bealey Spur

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  1. Beautifully visualised through your poetry New Zealand a world of wonder n magic in its environment culture lakes mountains of cloud n skies so much in not such a Giants foot of earth Love your verse n photos shared 🌻🐝