Monday, January 13, 2014

Borland Saddle and Human Impact

I lodged at Manapouri with a beautiful look at Lale Manapouri. One day I had the idea to drive to Borland Road and further to the South arm of Lake Manapouri. I’ve some interesting landscape, but …
While driving the Borland Road you can enjoy looking at power lines. And when you reach the Borland Saddle you might even enjoy a great sight, but at the same time you see a plate with some information on the saddle by the Department of Conservation.

“Human impact on this region seems to be slight.” “Forestry and farming have not touched the landscape …”. No! I disagree. Clearing forest for a width of 50-70 m for power lines can’t be called a trifle.
Apart from these exciters, I enjoyed looking down from a little less than 1000 m into the rain forest or walk into one of the nice valleys. Due to road works one could not  drive through to the South arm of Lake Manapouri.

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