Monday, January 13, 2014

Tregalizumab at the ACR 2013 Meeting in San Diego

You might not have heard about tregalizumab before! Tregalizumab has been developed as a biomarker to monitor response to biologics. Wikipedia is quite taciturn on tregalizumab: “Tregalizumab is an immunomodulator. It binds to CD4.” The abstract at the ACR meeting puts it this way: “Tregalizumab is a humanized, agonistic monoclonal antibody which binds to a unique epitope of CD4, and induces Treg-specific activation and suppresses CD4 and CD8 effector cell proliferation and activity in vitro.”

E. Dokoupilova and colleagues presented the following study [1412]: “Use Of a Biologic Marker For An Integrated Pharmacodynamic and Clinical Analysis To Inform Further Clinical Development, Including Dose Selection For The Phase 2b Trial - Treat 2b - Of Tregalizumab In Rheumatoid Arthritis.” Conclusion: “Interim efficacy and safety data from the Phase 2b Study 979, combined with data from previous RCTs, indicated the feasibility and tolerability of this therapeutic approach. […] The available data support further development of tregalizumab.”

The abstract informs us of very early data, so I think we have to wait for more, stressable data. We would be lucky to have another mode of action. 

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