Sunday, January 12, 2014

Protein kinase inhibitors - where do we stand after the 2013 ACR Meeting

As we've seen quite a lot of compounts being studied during the past two or three years, I think it's to look how much hype or hope there is.

This list remains incomplete, I know, but it shows that our hopes are mixed with lots of hype. And this list is my personal interpretation; someone might disagree and should do so in the commentary part. Red stands for problems or that I don't think it will develop into a drug on the market. Yellow stands for might develop into a drug, still to early. Though I still have my doubts in fostamatinib (lake of showing effect on reducing radiographic progression), I have put fosta on yellow again as new results have been shown.
I think that too many pharmaceutical companies tried to run for a small molecule, which is easier to produce, but might be sold at a high price.
I hope that we'll get these drugs in the future, though well tested, safe, and not at the top pricing drug companies expect.
Xeljanz right now stands alone on the U.S. market (green). EMEA hasn't approved yet and the European market will have to wait for another while as studies on radiographic progression take time. Even if there is much hype, I hope for Xeljanz at least to make it to the European market.
But maybe the future isn't as dim as my list seems to predict. Concerning rheumatology we're living in exciting times.

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