Monday, January 20, 2014

New Zealand and Snail Mail

New Zealand lies far away. I still like to write postcards and send these via snail mail, well - I use to send the postcards by air mail (par avion). And usually the postcards arrive prior to my return from travels in a far off country. That's the idea - telling people you're not around for a while, because you're in East Turkestan or Patagonia, or New Zealand. This time it has been different: I returned prior to the poostcards. My parents, who had been in my first batch, received the postcard this week, two months after I had mailed the card!
If you have a close look at the stamp, you notice that the original stamp is covered by another stamp from Brunei.

Others tell me, that a new stamp had been glued to the postcard in Singapore. What might be the reason? The postcards had been posted at Akaroa on two different occasions and at Lake Tekapo, also on two different occasions. Maybe New Zealand Mail sends the postcards to different locations throughout Asia to remail these in order to save money. Or maybe it has been sheer bad luck.

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