Monday, February 17, 2014

Avian Flu H10N8

A new strain of avian influenza (Avian flu) has been identified. -: H10N8. Detail are at: (World Health Organization Representative office China). This strain isn’t new, it had been identified already since 1965 in various countries. But since December 2013 there have been two known infection of humans, both person could be connected to South China poultry markets.
The newest Chiense Source is here: The article quotes a publication in The Lancet by舒跃龙 (Shu Yue Long), Director of the national influenza Center.
The FT Chinese Net  also has an article: The interesting part is: 世界卫生组织(WHO)目前每天报告510H7N9新病例,尽管该组织表示,“迄今没有持续人传人的证据”。人与人之间持续传播可能导致一场新的流感疫情。“There are 5 to 10 new cases of H7N9 currently reported to the World Health Organization (WHO) every day,  tough the organization said that ‘so far there is no evidence of sustained person-to-person transmission’.”

To be be continued, when necessary.

Nothing new according to Chinese or international sources.

I had the pleasure to listen to a talk on influenza this weekend and H10N8 hasn't been on the agenda. So I checked Chinese sources today and there hasn't been any disquieting news durch the past weeks! 
Maybe we're off the hook!


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