Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Blog Carpe Diem Zenrakuji (Temple 30)


Sound of the temple bell

Snow flakes falling down silently

The monk wipes his nose


The peaceful temple bell

Butterflies come with the breeze

Pilgrims waking up


Summer cicadas’

Namu Amida Butsu

Creaking wooden floor


Bamboo is swaying

The wind brings rain and autumn

They polish Buddha




  1. Sehr schön Lothar. My German isn't that good, so I go on in English. Really this is a wonderfully composed series of haiku based on Buddhism. That last one is a masterpiece and I love to use it for one of our Tan Renga Challenges which will start again in April.

    1. Thankk you, Kristjaan. Please feel free to use the haiku in the Tan Renga Challenges. I hope to participate more regularly than in the past weeks.

  2. Lovely haiku ! :-)