Monday, February 17, 2014

Milford Sound

If you go to Milford Sound you venture into a touristic part of the South Island. The Sound is accessible by road from Te Anau - 120 km! There are a few stops in between, which are highly frequented by busses, if you reach the area during peak season. I've been there twice, both times well out of the peak season. The first time had been by bus, the second time I drove myself.
In 1994 I've reached the sound when there still was lots of snow, a week earlier and I wouldn't have made it as the road had been closed due to the snow.

1994 Homer Tunnel

1994 Mirror Lakes

1994 Mitre Peak

There has been plan to build a road across the wild life area to link Milford Sound to Queenstown - luckily this plan has been abandoned. Another plan is to build a tunnel - luckily this plan is too expensive. I hope that it stays the way it is as more tourists mean more strain on the landscape.

During the past years most has stayed the way I remember it. But having more time is also having more fun. Though cruising on the sound is done in larger groups.

Still some snowy peaks to be seen

Kea exploring the car

Mitre Peak in the morning (starting early IS rewarding!)

The glaciers did this, not man

Seals in the sun

The only penguin to be seen, but as it has been late forenoon, we were happy to see one at least

Would I visit Milford Sound a third time? By all means, yes!

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