Saturday, January 16, 2016

Carpe Diem Haiku Vernacular No. 1 cherry blossom (kersenbloesem)

Frische Kirschblüten
Blühen auf und fallen dann
Sie sind so mutig

Fresh cherry blossoms
How they bloom and how they fall
So utterly brave

Der alte Kirschbaum
Im Winter knarrte er nur
Sieh seine Blüten

The old cherry tree
All winter he only creaked
Look at his blossoms

Wenn die Kirschblüten
Im starken Regen fallen
Dann trennen sie sich

The cherry blossoms
When they fall in heavy rain
Sever forever

Das kleine Mädchen
Wie es im Kirschbaum klettern
Teppich aus Blüten

The cute little girl
Climbing through the cherry tree
Carpet of blossoms


  1. nice set; have a happy weekend

    much love...

  2. What a joy to read these German haiku Lothar ... they are beautiful.

  3. Lovely, such a nice experience trying to sound it out. The translations are just stunning!

  4. Such a beautiful language. Enjoying the comparisons. Nice done series of haiku.

  5. How lovely to see the German version of the haiku ... I really enjoyed them very much. Bastet