Monday, January 25, 2016

Carpe Diem Haiku Vernacular No. 2 autumn rains (herfstregenbuien)

Die Straßenecke
Wo der Wind die Blätter treibt
Und Regen pladdert

At the street corner
Where the wind is driving leaves
And pattering rain

Leichter Regen fällt
Auf Äste kahler Bäume
Dann dicke Tropfen

A light rain’s falling
On the twigs of barren trees
Thick drops running down

Trüber Herbstmorgen
Einsamer Weg im Regen
Die Elster stolziert

Dull autumn morning
Lonely road in falling rain
A magpie parades, though


  1. Nicely done .. I enjoyed them very much! Bastet

  2. I could see your German lines shaped into Rilke's form used in Herbsttag: 3/4/5/ lines. I love that format - like an updated sonnet.

    Thank your for your kind comment on my winter field photograph.

  3. These German lines would fit into Rilke's Herbsttag format : 3/4/5/ lines. I loved writing in that updated sonnet form.

    Thank your for your kind comment on my winter photograph.