Monday, January 11, 2016

No hay nada - on a road less travelled in Chile

We were travelling just outside of Torres de Paine National Park. There were no roads leading to Argentina, but one road ending in the border reagion South West of El Calafate. On one map we've seen a mark for a hotel and were giving it a try. A long drive! And I'll show you road condisions soon. We had to open cattle gates and drive through the ground of estancias. Then, as we were reaching, where the hotel should be, the final cattle gate had been with chain and padlock; the place looked deserted. We had to turn around. On our way back I saw two shepherds, wild guys. They must have  just returned from the great wide open. Their faces were nearly blackened by sun and campfire smoke, but at the same time glistening like been polished. I asked for the hotel, but the answer was: "No hay nada!" Someone wanted to build a hotel. And someone had put it on the map prematurely, when the remote area project already had been abandoned. We drove back to the Estancia Cerro Guido, which is a nice place to stay.

On the road heading North

A wild landscape, but used as pastures

It may look like a farm lane, but it's a road

After returning on the orad, the rainbow indicates good luck for finding a hotel to stay

Estancia Cerro Guido

PS.: That's where the hotel should have been (Google Maps):,-72.4080873,5526m/data=!3m1!1e3 

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