Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Detailed route and activities in North Korea

Day 1: 08:30 a.m. arrival in Beijing. 01:00 p.m. flight to Pyongyang.-Sightseeing Liberation Tower, Arch of Triumph, Monument to Victorious War. Check-in Yanggakdo International Hotel.

Day 2: Taedong Gate with bell, Korean Art Gallery (opposite of Central History Museum), Underground, Central History Museum, Movie Studios with streets, Railway Museum..

Day 3: Drive to Myohyang Mountains, Pohyon Temple, hiking in the mountains, picnic at waterfall, Check-in Chongchon Hotel.

Day 4: Visit International Friendship Exhibitions, drive back to Pyongyang, back to Yanggakdo International Hotel, Morangbong Circus (military circus), Tower of the Juche Idea, evening at May Day Stadium (Arirang).

Day 5: Drive to Wonsan and then along the coast to Kumgangsan Mountains.

Day 6: Hiking to Kuryongyon Falls, afternoon little hike to Manmulsang.

Day 7: Hiking in Kumgangsan district, strolling around Lagoon Samil, Lake Sijung, Check-in hotel at Lake Sijung.

Day 8: Chonsam Cooperative Farm, Ryangchon Temple, Anbul Temple, Wonsan Habour, Revolutionary Museum (Old Railway Station and Hotel), Songdowon International Children’s Union Camp, walking to the lighthouse in the evening.

Day 9: Drive back to Pyongyang, on the way King Tongmyong’s Mausoleum, Jongnung Temple, Lunch in Pyongyang (including dancing with the waitresses and singing the International Anthem), Mt. Taesong, Kwangbop Temple, Ryonggang Hot Spring House.

Day 10: Chongsan Cooperative Farm with Museum, West Sea Barrage, Mt. Kuwol, Woljong Temple, Mt. Suyang, Haeju, walk in the afternoon/evening.

Day 11: Drive to Sariwon, Sariwon Folk Street, Pakyon Falls, Kwanum Temple, Kaesong Folklore Hotel, walking in the evening though the city (workers return home).

Day 12: Walking to Kaesong Nam Gate, Mt. Janam with Kim Il Sung Statue, Songjuk Bridge, Sungyang Lecture Hall, Buddhist Temple, Koryo Museum with ongoing movie shooting, King Wanggon’s Mausoleum, King Kongmin’s Mausoleum (Twin tomb), and older tombs not yet restored.

Day 13: Panmunjom, Lunch in the Demilitarized Zone, Mt. Jongbang, Songbul Temple, drive back to Pyongyang, Yanggakdo International Hotel.

Day 14: Pyongyang Grand Theatre, Apple plantation, King Tangun’s Mausoleum, Grand People’s Study House, Victorious War Museum

Day 15: Fountain park, Revolutionary Martyr’s Cemetery, Central Zoo, Central Botanical Garden, Obstetric and Gynaecological Clinic, Central Youth Hall.

Day 16: Railway to Dandong (China) about 6 hours.

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