Thursday, October 27, 2011

Juche and more Ideology

Kim Il Sung has established the idea of juche. Juche has to do with self-reliance, but is more than this simple translation. It is also an offspring of Marxism and Leninism, and you may add Maoism. “The masses are the origins of all revolution and are masters of that revolution.” Kim Il Sung thinks, that the process to find the will of the people is evolutionary and that it is cyclical. A cynical would tell you now, that’s what the North Korean society is doing now, going in circles rather than going forward. Somehow in this process the true will of the people shall be found culminating in chajusong (true freedom, independence). Interestingsly the masses according to the juche ideology are to be organized by a great leader.
Another pivotal idea is: “the masses are the masters of their destiny and the masses are made-up fundamentally of the individual, the individual is the master of everything.” Unclear, how the individual mastership survives in the context of the cyclical process. But “it is inevitable that the idea of Juche will make itself manifest in the masses sooner or later.”
Songun may be translated as army-first, but is considered as “the realization that defense is the single most important role of state and ideology”. “The concept of Songun is to train all the masses as a people's army …” I think that North Korea has come to a high level of completing this task. All men between 16 and 26 serve in the army. Woman may join the army for 5 years.
Self-reliance makes North Korea a lonely country on the world map. The military is draining the national economy to the utmost. But the juche ideology sees it differently, of course.


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