Wednesday, October 12, 2011

International Friendship Exhibition

Myohangsan lies about 150 km North of Pyongyang and besides hiking in the pristine countryside you are expected to view the exhibits in the two buildings of the International Friendship Exhibition.
As a custom gifts are exchanged at state visits. In the West we don’t exhibit these gifts. Gift to Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il have been counted, coded, catalogized, and are to be seen in large rooms. You visit these rooms with polished floors an which you walk with cloth overshoes.
Sure North Korea tries to stress the importance of both the Great Leader and the Dear Leader, but you see also reverance to the giver; especially to such persons as V. Putin. Nobody knows if these exhibits won’t get the status of reliques in the years to come.
One flight of rooms stretched 300 m into the mountain. Who knows if there isn’t a nuclear safe command center behind the last rooms.
From the top floor of Kim Il Sung’s International Friendship Exhibition you look into the mountains – and there you won’t see a path, only pristine, untamed forest and mountains.

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