Thursday, October 13, 2011


North Korea


A wedding is a big event, in the East as in the West. But North Korea still has to catch up. I might tell that there are small openings in the bulwark against happiness and feasting.
In China wedding photography plays a great role. I show two pictures, which I have taken in Guangzhou (广州) two years ago. This year in Shenyang (沈阳) I’ve seen equally equipped wedding photography booths in the main shopping area.
North Korea doesn’t have this, or should I say doesn’t have this yet. I’ve at least two freshly married couples, who enjoyed themselves together with friends and who also did some photography. I’ve seen another couple in front of the botanic garden, but couldn’t take a photogtraph. You might wonder that you see lots of uniforms. Don’t forget that in North Korea young grown ups spend their life in the army. And they have never heard Status Quo “You’re in the army, now”.

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