Wednesday, October 19, 2011


„Every citizen in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea enjoys full freedom of and right to religion.“
It doesn’t seem so. There are no Buddhist worshippers at the temples. These temples are historical sites and aren’t places of worship. There are only a few churches and it isn’t clear if Korean people attend mass; some people from embassies do, however. But it isn’t a living religion of the Korean people.
The reverence for Kim Il Sung and his family is growing into a religion. Relics are kept, for instance a chair on which the Great Leader had sit during a visit. Or the birthplace of the Eternal President Kim Il Sung it kept like a pilgrimage destination. It is depicted on steles in the villages “for the eternal life of President Kim Il Sung”, as it had been translated for me. There is the national heroes graveyard near the Pyongyang Zoo with the place of commemoration of Kim Jong Suk, wife of Kim Il Song and mother of Kim Jong Il. It may be compared to worshipping St. Mary. At least that’s the atmosphere.

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