Monday, January 14, 2013

Haiku Heights No. 204 - Death

The house will not yield
Storm blows through another night
But we aren’t dead yet

The long, winding road
A dead hare, so forsaken
Like a lost puppet

Cotopaxi’s peak
In front, off to fetch water
Dead horse in the brook

Condors arriving
Around the dead goat, their meat
The circle of life

Torch light in a cave
Painting hands, dead bulls and deer
Hunter’s fame to last

PS. I've forgotten one, just found the note:

Snow falling slowly
A blanket covering all
Dead bodies below


  1. Fine individually, amazing together!

  2. Beautiful. hypnotic... :-)

  3. The snowfall on the dead bodies: I picture the aftermath of a great battle.

    Slow Death by Guinness

  4. Prolific! Great interpretations of prompt. Very unique.

  5. a wonderful sequence of events. Your last, inevitably - as an afterthought - seems to need to find its place amongst the others.