Sunday, August 4, 2013

Wonsan City, on refurbishing and other problems

I've just read the following article of the Rodong Sinmun: The article is on floricultural, a new species of rose, the ardent love of the working people of Wonsan City, a new species of grass, a skate park, Songdowon and other pleasure grounds, as if these were the problems of Wonsan. 
As there are damages by floodings, the military drills are shortened:
I have recently published an article on other activity concerning Wonsan, which is in German:
Wonsan is a large city, which could be the gateway to the pacific. Yet North Korea's political isolation makes Wonsan a slumbering town. 

You hardly see the working masses

A lonely ship at the quay

The grand promenade, lined with Gingko trees, yet hardly any traffic

You can visit, where Kim Song Il once stayed

The train, in which Kim Song Il went to Pyongyang, is exhibited

The youth is drilled in modern facilities - don't get me wrong they are the lucky ones

Great Landscape, a must for touristic development

The beach should be "refurbished", too

Do you see Wonsan as a major port city during the next five years? I don't. Do you see Wonsan as a beach city attracting masses of tourists? I don't.
The problem is a political one.

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