Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Very Basic Guide to Italian

Even beautiful without a bathing beauty

Italian is spoken in Italy and even in the U.S., capisce? Italian has its ancestry in Latin. But if you know some Spanish, you already may understand quite a lot. If not, you're welcome to look at these very basic words and expressions.

Thanks – grazie
Yes - si
No - no (no kidding!)
Do you speak English? - parla inglese?
Please – per favore
Excuse me – mi displace  
Sorry – scusi
Good morning – buon giorno
Good evening/night – buona notte
Hello – ciao
Goodbye – arrividerci
How are you? come sta?
I would like ... - vorrai ...
How much is it? – quanto costa?
Please write it down - si prega di scrivere
I don’t understand – no capisco
Where is – dove si trova
Where's the nearest ... - dove la più vicina ...
Where are the toilets? – dove sono i bagni?
I'm lost - mi sono perso/persa
What is your name? – qual è il tuo nome?
My name is LMK – il mio nome è LMK
Left – sinistra
Right – destra
Please call a doctor quickly - mi chiami pronto un medico, per favore
The bill, please - il conto per favore

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