Friday, May 15, 2015

Tweetup EULAR 2015 Meeting in Rome

Sorry, that's in mid-city

The exiting news comes first. Mrs Emma Reynolds from the Eular Press Office just confirmed that we have the press conference room (Hall 6 – Puccini Room) on Thursday 12:00hr for our tweetup. That's less than three days before. Maybe we can share a few ideas on how to promote rheumatology on Twitter.

The EULAR 2015 Meeting in Rome lies only about a good week ahead of us and we should plan our tweetup. Let's plan for a Tweetup at the meeting itself as well as a social Tweetup as we already did a couple of times. if you're interested at former Tweetup at EULAR, please have a look at links below.

I propose communication should be done on twitter with the hashtag #EULAR2015.

There are the usual problems, which I believe shouldn't be too difficult to solve, like how many people to expect and coming to a consent as for time and place.
The Congress Center of Rome is outside the city, but easily accessible by train. The EULAR 2010 Meeting had been at the same Congress Center. It stretches quite a bit from the entrance to the last hall, but in between there were nice places to sit in the sun and relax - perfect meeting points for a group like ours. Don't forget to bring sun tan lotion. Sitting outside means catching the sun, at least it had been the case five years ago. Perfect also for a break in between sessions.

Let’s first try to make sure, who is coming. Next step would be, where we could meet.

The meeting will start at the 10th of June and end at the 13th of June. More on the homepage of EULAR: The Congress Center is called Fiera Roma (Via Portuense 1645/1647, 00148 Roma; Tel: +39 06 5178260
“The Fiera Roma is less than 5 kilometres from the Leonardo da Vinci (Fiumicino) airport”. More information: Have a look at the map:,%20Rates%20&%20Maps.pdf. OT: You can already look up abstracts:; observe the embargo policy.

Maybe we can meet in the vicinity ...

I suggest one meeting at the Congress Center Thursday noon – ample time for everyone to reach, and one at a Trattoria (maybe in the city or Trastavere) Thursday evening. Someone would have to make arrangements for it. Or we meet on Thursday noon and arrange then as up to now we're a small group. We could announce the meeting place on twitter for those, who are too busy on the 11th of June.
Here is a link to the map of the Congress Center: - we'll meet as shown above. 

Some people already announced that they’ll be at the congress or not:
Dr Irwin Lim @_connectedcare
Lyn March @lynmarch1
Dr Ai Lyn Tan ‏@DrAiLynTan
Carlo V Caballero MD @carvicab 
Lily Rheum ‏@L_tweet

Not attending:
Philip Gardiner @PhilipGardiner
Jose Campos  @JoseCamposMD

Sorry, if it looks like a „Friends of Carlotta" list.

Links to former EULAR tweetups:
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PS. The EULAR Press Office ‏just tweeted, if we want to use one of their interview rooms for our tweetup. I think this would much better than other ideas we had so far. And I remember that we have done so before in Madrid two years ago.

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