Friday, April 21, 2017

Lyric first published on Twitter


The small, blue bird

There’s a small blue bird
That persecutes us a lifetime
And if we look back
We overlook it

Progress! Progress!
And cannot go back

Then it flies ahead of us
The small, blue bird
And do not see it
Do not see it
No more

Dreary city

In this dreary city
Where election posters are decoration
How important then are the elections
Red-green black-yellow
Not brown


Pretty in pink
The fresh flowers on the cherry tree
And no petals on the ground
Eternal beauty for a day


Sunshine over Rhein’s waves
High heels on Rhein boardwalk
Jewelry as a shabby glow


When half-moon pulls higher again
Looking on clouds
Floated away by the wind
Then also sounds the first green


Immersion heater in the blood
Of history
Boiling to brown
Then spilling over
Tumbling over
Blazing fiercely everything
-: again

City idyll 

On the common land
Between brook and way
Sprouting canine manured
Nettle and dandelion

Dew rolling
Time flying
Human standing

Beech Forest 1

The young green of the beech forest
Unperforated by flowers
The sun feels good in it
And its green light

Beech Forest 2

Vegetating on charred, lifeless wood
Chafed by
Sweat of fear and tears of wrath
Left between the dead


After the conquered mountain peak
Now follows the descent
Step by step becomes harder
Onto the rest on anemones

German Original:


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