Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Oblivion / In Wedding / The Wall to the Neighbor


Bare basal columns
With which the night fills its corners
Shadows gnawing on light
Clouds are being shifted
In the deep night black remembrance
Read through a dragonfly wing

The moltings of the night
Explanations of creation
Codes scratched into basalt
To alleviate oblivion

In Wedding

Where I had pressed a calloused hand
And attributed meaning to the sound in the stairway
The light was turned on again
A crack betrayed the start of the counter

Sad-yellow light with its cone cast
On the sloping walls of the staircase
The groan of the pensioners along the railing upwards
After a meeting with mulled wine and pastries

I stopped after the light went out
A tread creaked and voices echoed through doors
I sucked in the air full of floor wax and winter
And ran steeled past the park to the subway

 Wedding is a suburb of Berlin.

The Wall to the Neighbor

The throbbing breath of the suffocating
Cockroaches crawling out of cracks
The stone wall sweats water
Sore close

Creaking treads
The linoleum has been perforated
The apartment divides decay
Sore close

Here lives sore to sore

Originals in German:


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