Monday, December 3, 2012

Blog Carpe Diem Haiku „Winter Shower (shigure)“ 叢時雨

Winter / Autumn Shower (shigure) 叢時雨

Snow, not lasting
Decaying plants in the drizzle
Rabbits stay in the burrow

Snow mixes with rain
Under the bridge's arches
Wet air still lingering

Drizzling rain
Fissling in fallen leaves
Won’t wake up cricket

Snow competes with rain
Cold fingers are trembling
And teeth stop silence


  1. The last one is my favorite out this great set.
    Winter Drizzle

  2. Nice series of haiku Lothar, the 2nd is my favorite. You have used the prompt in a great way. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Thanks! I hope we'll have a more colourful topic soon.

  4. I loved the sounds and imagery of the 3rd one. It's 39C here today, but my teeth still chattered :)

  5. These are all lovely but the last is my favorite. I loved the image and the surprise of the chattering teeth! Nice.

  6. Thanks! I'm overwhelmed. I'm going to read your haiku within the next minutes.