Monday, December 10, 2012

Carpe Diem Haiku New Year's Eve

Year under snow
Bonfires are lit
Cat returns to mice

New Year's Eve
First darkness, then light
Big bang revisited

Year ending with
Cold wind and rain
Fire and grog

Mayan calender
Eve of destruction
Spider builds a net 


  1. Awesome Lothar what a wonderful series of haiku. I love the one about the Mayan Calendar. We shall see what's going to happen on December 21th ... :-)

  2. Yes, I'm looking forward to the date. :-)

  3. I guess all eyes are on the Mayan Calendar this year !
    Enjoyed the series of haiku

  4. Rheum,
    These are wonderful. You have a knack for writing the perfect final line. "cat return to mice," "Big Bang revisited," and my favorite contrast to impeding doom --"spider builds a net."

  5. Wonderful Lothar, I think your last lines are marvelous. I'm so glad you participate as well. If you could remove the Captcha (wiggly lines) it would be easier to comment. :-)

  6. The last one is my favorite ... :)
    Brink of Change

  7. Sorry for the captcha. My blog is swarmed by spammers on other occasiobns so I need moderation. But I don't need captcha as bots aren't my problem. I don't know, where to change it, but will look into it.

  8. Another set of inspiring haiku, Lothar, thanks.
    Life goes on, the cat always after the mouse, the spider doesn't care about the Mayan calendar ... she is smart!