Thursday, December 6, 2012

Carpe Diem Haiku “Mandarin Duck”

Sinking deeper
Into the pond
But ducks swim on

Sun’s brilliant light
But the waves turn to
The mandarin ducks

But I’ve already written on the famous Buson haiku before, sorry to put up some frog&pond haiku. :-)

Rain falls into well
Sorrowful tears
Frog leaves

Old pond
Dried out
Frogs still jump in

No pond
No jumping frog
Sound of water

Looking into the well
On the frozen water
A broken bucket 


  1. Awesome series Lothar love your frog pond haiku too

  2. Thanks! I needed to put them here. My own favourites are the middle ones. I had already published these four ones before, but when I saw your reference to "furu ike ya kawazu tobi komu mizu no oto" I had to share them.