Sunday, December 23, 2012

NNC0109-0012 at the ACR 2012 in Washington

Discussion of studies presented at the EULAR 2013 meeting in Madrid:

"NNC0109-0012 (anti-IL-20 mAb) is a novel human monoclonal IgG4 antibody which binds to and neutralizes the activity of IL-20."

L. SEnolt and colleagues presented: "Clinical Responses and Patient Reported Outcomes to NNC0109-0012 (anti-IL-20 mAb) in Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) Patients Following 12-Weeks Dosing and 13 Weeks Follow up: Results From a Phase 2a Trial" (Abstract No. 836). Conclusion included: "The data from this trial support further clinical development of NNC0109-0012 (anti-IL-20 mAb) in RA." It seems that the effect is more pronounced for the sub-group of RF/anti-CCP-positive patients.
Amanda L. Blasius and colleagues presented a cell study of NNC0109-0012 (Abstract No. 1796): Anti-IL-20 Targets Local Tissue Inflammation As Opposed to Systemic Inflammation." Conclusion: "..., these data suggest that IL-20 is restricted to acting locally on inflamed synovium in patients with RA."
Christina Andersson and colleagues presented a study on mouse CIA (Abstract No. 2080): "IL-20 Is Not Involved in Mouse Collagen Induced Arthritis." Conclusion: " ..., our findings indicate that IL-20 does not play a pathogenic role in the mouse CIA arthritis model." That`s also very interesting, but doesn´t bring us closer to a new drug.

If there is a clear advantage for the sub-group of RF/anti-CCP-positive patients, then NNC0109-0012 might successful as a personalized drug. And Nordisk - how about naming the child? Would make discussions easier and show commitment.

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