Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Odessa's Opera

I went to Odessa's opera immediately after arriving in Odessa and went there several times as the place sees lots of people.

My very first impression of Odessa's opera

My friends went to the opera during the evening to watch the Barber of Sevilla and where delighted. I nearly went, too, as a bystander in the ticket row translated the title as the Butcher of Sevilla. Now, someone could think of the opera being butchered, but that wasn't the case.

During daytime there are lots of marriage parties, who come to the opera in stretch limousines and have there official photographing done there. Needless to say, it's professional photographing on the grand day.

Some kitsch in front of the opera

The whole scene

There's a park behind houses and the opera. One can sit in the garden of one of the cafés and have some coffee or tea and then look at the marriage parties, who also take photographs right next to you.

Picture shooting on the park

Line-up of stretch limos

One evening the opera had changed into the headquarters of the Gestapo. Maybe in the wake of Inglourious Basterds they were shooting a movie about the 2nd World War.

The opera as headquarters of the Gestapo

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