Sunday, March 3, 2013

Travel and Toilets

While travelling you have the need of toilets. Sightseeing means you have to look for restrooms. Maybe you take a rest at a coffeehouse, a tea garden, a restaurant and look for restrooms there. Maybe you look for other alternatives. After the train ride from Kishinev to Odessa I thought to give the problem special attention as the first half of the journey the train didn't have a toilet, but you had to use the loo at one of the railway stations. It was very basic, the hole was big and might swallow slimmer people than myself.

Moldovia Railway Station - don't fall inside

Train from Odessa to Kiev - it is robust, looks a bit rusty, but is has been clean

The railway station at Sergiev Posad - no, not what you might think, it's clean, but a used and damaged

A restaurant at Sergiev Posad - OK some unfinished work, but quality and cleanliness of this lavatory are superb

These pictures were't shot inside the Tzar's quarter or at the villa of an oil magnate but in the toilet of the Arkhangelsk car sale Laura, where we rented the car. Besides a toilet there's also a bidet.

At Antoniyevo-Siysky Monastery (Антониево-Сийский монастырь) we were quite surprised to find an indication to a water closet ...

... but alas it had only been close to the water.

A coffeeshop in St. Petersburg - a little untidy, but clean

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