Sunday, March 3, 2013

Red Square (Красная Площадь)

A visit to Moscow without walking around the Red Square (Красная Площадь) and the Kremlin would be impossible. Walking around in Alexander Garden from the Kremlin entrance you might see the change of guards at the tomb of the unknown soldier, who died 41 km off Moscow, which was the nearest point of Nazi troops to Moscow. Go around the corner in between the red State Museum and the Kremlin and you're on the Red Square. If you want to enter the Lenin Mausoleum, a policeman will tell you: "Lenin is closed. ... Stalin, too." You trod on looking at the huge square, look at Gum (Гум), the famous warehouse, now an upmarket Arcade, wondering 为什么你听这么多的华语 ... why you hear so much Chinese and so little Russian. That's easy - there are busloads of Chinese tourists filling the Red Square. As with the booming of the Chinese economy you find nowadays enough Chinese wanting to see the world. And Moscow is traditionally a place to go. While we were walking across the square, a huge area of the Red Square was suddenly closed by fences. A week later I could watch on TV the big light show, which just had been prepared.

If you move along Gum you'll come to St. Basil's Cathedral (Собор Василия Блаженного), which has been build in some kind of confectionary architecture.

To sum it up Moscow's Red Square can welcome even loads of Chinese tourists, walking around and entering Gum or St. Basil's Cathedral already means a dense schedule.

Guards at the tomb of the unknown soldier - the inscription on the block is Leningrad

State Museum and Gum to the right

Inside Gum

St. Basil's Cathedral

Laser show on the Red Square in front of Gum

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