Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Carpe diem Haiku Gion Festival

Don't want to paint black
Girls dressed in their yukata
May a soft breeze blow

Ancient rituals
Festival foods to partake
Happy crowds moving

Carrying the floats
Sounding the big temple bell
The clouds won't bring rain

Little samurai
So earnest at his young age
Ready for the cut

With a single blow
Matsuri is starting now
Auspicious omen



  1. All wonderful haiku Lothar, but that 4th is for sure my favorite. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post.

  2. We have a 'Feast of the Fishermen' here, and it always seems to rain at least one of the 4 days.....It used to be so fun and exciting, with parades and floats and food and prayers and song,...It's not my cup of tea anymore due to the massive crowds from out of town,,,,,

    1. Yes, that's a world wide phenomenon. I see it in Cologne, where the carnival attracts masses of people.