Thursday, June 13, 2013

EULAR 2013 and how I missed the Tweetup, but ...

Yesterday morning I got up very, I mean very, very early. Went to the airport and found out that the French air traffic controllers are on strike and all flights to Madrid were cancelled. Queued up for about three to three an a half hours, got a flight to London in the afternoon, went there and waited. The flight was delayed. Then finally I reached Madrid past the tweetup time, but went to our meeting point. All had left already! I wanted to get a taxi and ... David got out of the taxi, so we had our satellite tweetup.
That's the tweet he posted from the restaurant Barbacoa de Berlin:
David OReilly @Rheuma_suffolk      
Sadly Lothar and Zi were on planes The French air traffic controllers defeated us! See you tomorrow
Let's try to make it Friday as has been suggested. Friday noon, but where?
PS. I have problems accessing twitter ... will try to fix the problem.

PPS. I cannot even access Facebook!

PS. Friday
Still can't access anyhting but my blog to post.
Dr Irwin Lim @_connectedcare       
REMINDER: Rheum Tweet-up: FRIDAY 12 midday at INTERVIEW ROOM, MEZZANINE 10, courtesy of &
Thanks Irwin for this essential tweet, I'll join you in 2 1/2 hours.
I've just had an intensive time at the posters; more interesting posters today when compared to yesterday. Still quite lot on new drugs missing.

PS. Saturday
We had a real nice tweetup yesterday thanks everyone. I guess sone photographs are already circulating.
Posters today were good.

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