Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tabalumab at the EULAR 2013 Meeting

I had been disappointed about tabalumab at the ACR 2012 Meeting. Even as there had been four studies in Washington. The reasons for my disappointment are here: http://rheumatologe.blogspot.de/2012/12/tabalumab-at-acr-2012-in-washington.html How about Madrid?

E. R. Dow and colleagues presented [SAT0005]: “Human C-type lectin domain family 4, member C gene expression level helps predict future clinical response to tabalumab blockade of BAFF in rheumatoid arthritis”. In German we have the idiom “BAFF erstaunt sein”, which means to be flabbergasted. That’s describes my feelings. Only one study at the EULAR and … it’s an abstract, which had already been presented at the ACR 2012 Meeting.

Bye bye tabalumab.

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