Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Carpe Diem Haiku Special "sweeping the porch"

sweeping the porch
bright prints of raindrops
followed by splashes
Jane Reichhold

Sweeping arms of trees
Patches of sunlight on ground
Sparrows hop around

Reading newspaper
Under the deck chair’s sun sail
The rain wakes me up

The porch has been swept
The garden is overgrown
Resting on the broom

Following the clouds
To laugh about their stories
Tea as green as grass

After the sweeping
Dust settles in deep silence
Raindrops form craters



  1. Wonderful set! I think my favorite is the last one! I can picture it!

  2. Beautiful words and images! I especially like this one:
    "The porch has been swept
    The garden is overgrown
    Resting on the broom"

    Nicely done!

  3. What a lovely series this is! I feel like I've spent a peaceful afternoon with you.

  4. I'd hate to fall asleep, only to be awakened by raindrops!

    Sweeping the Porch

  5. WOW! Lothar this post is wonderfull, I like them all, but that last one is surely my favorite. Thank you for sharing.

  6. What a great set Lothar, thank you for sharing.

    warm summer raindrops

  7. Oh this a great set. many gems to choose from in your treasurechest.

  8. Love your haiku and your tea pot. I would love to have a tea pot like that. :-)

    1. Thanks! For Germany the teapot isn't very special as one very common company sold it. There is something special, however. The text on the teapot is the same as my background picture - 永和九年 ... - as I like this text from 354 AD very much.

  9. Craters. Tiny raindrops can create gigantic craters. Awesome!

    Sweeping the Sky