Monday, January 16, 2017

Exhibition „Into the Blue“ by Liz Walinski at Munich Airport Terminal 2

Liz Walinski is exhibiting paintings and cyanotypes right now at Munich Airport Terminal 2 Level 04 Check-in Area. The exhibition started on January the 2nd and terminates at the 22nd of January.
As my favorite color is blue, I might be called prejudiced in talking about this exhibition (that’s all there has to be as disclaimer).

But let’s start with Liz Walinski, who currently lives and works in Munich. She holds a Master’s degree in Art by the Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich and has been exhibiting art works and projects in galleries since 2008.
Liz Walinski is fascinated by clouds and water. “Cyanotype is a photographic technic invented in 1843, which can work without film, camera and darkroom.”

Let’s have a look at the art that started fascinating me two days ago.

The first set is a triptych. You can make out a netherworld, in which water leads down into the ice, like Dante’s deepest hell. In the middle you can see our world, which is snowed upon as winter demands. On the side you see God’s realm, the paradise, much like Mount Fuji (富士山). And I feel reminded of some of Ando Hiroshige’s (安藤 ) Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji (富士三十六).

The next cyanotype reminds me of glaciers in gloomy weather, when they emit lots of blue. And with this picture I also started reminiscing a painting by the late Rudolf-Werner Ackermann of which I can produce a photograph. 

The last of the cyanotypes that attracted me the most is this one:

It reminds me of chaos theory, of bifurcations that make out our lives. The more bifurcations the easier they lead us into chaos. We can watch it in good crime movies, when the killer ends up in a chaos of lies, each being the wrong choice at a bifurcation. So the picture could well be titled “Bifurcations”.

Want to know more about Liz Walinski? Here’s her web page:
If you are travelling through Munich these days, don’t miss her exhibition at the airport.


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