Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hammer toes, wound, and sock

Yesterday a patient showed me a useful means in treating an injury of toes. She suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, which has lead to the development of hammer toes and moreover the skin has been thinned by therapy with glucocorticoids. The skin over the middle joints of two toes is scrubbed out and inflamed. So far, treatment with ointments, bandages, and other local therapies haven’t bee of great help. The wounds are now kept dry, treated with dye disinfectant and sterile gauze covering. A sock has been cut in front; a little like a shark’s mouth. This prevents the wound to move on the gauze while taking on / off the stocking or it can be done with little attachment and other skin irritations. Also, it has bound the front portion of the sandal differently so that there is less pressure on the toes.
Overall, an idea that is suitable to imitation.

Modified binding of the sandal

The sliced sock

The wounds of the middle joints of the toes – by the red color it looks worse than it is, because the wounds granulate without infection.

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