Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Heidi Ayala published a picture with a nice haiku (Tweet: @Heidi_Ayala: placid reflections / mirroring my clouds and sun / each beauty in me #haiku yesterday, which immediately intrigued me, sent me into memories and reveries. First association I had, when I saw the picture, was a song by The Marmelade: Reflections Of My Life. I hadn't heard the song in decades. Hearing the song again I had to admit, that in my remembrance the song had a more positive feeling. The second association has been a rice field in Japan. I was driving with friends in the lesser known parts of the Japanese Alps and coming closer to the Western part of Honshu I took this picture of a paddy field. It was spring. The rice had just been planted. A tree with the light green foliage of Spring and a coniphere were reflected in the water of the paddy field.

Then a picture from Hunza came to my mind, which I had taken off the Karakorum highway. (This picture, though younger, was even harder to retrieve.)

And then the evening went on, last picture I looked at, was one from Peru – real colours, I didn’t change anything.

The brain is a funny storehouse for bits and pieces of memories to be awakened again randomly.

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