Saturday, March 31, 2012

Haiku - written in Indonesia and Atlanta


Bamboo swaying
Behind the rice field
      Birds calling the evening

After the muezzin´s call
The rooster crows
      Until the morning brightens

Clouds gather
People dispers
      Oh, what a rain!

Yellow bamboo leaves
Twirling down
      As evening arrives 

Coconut fronds bowing
Ripe fruits
      Will they fall down?

Lonely road
A motorcycle passes
      Chickens scattering

After the wind
Heavy rain falling
      Running down banana leaves

Dying embers
No fire anymore
      Peasant still working the paddy

Night has fallen
Shadow of the bamboo
      Frogs challenging crickets

Floaded paddy field
Growing rice
      Dragonflies lingering above

Unmoved pond
Single Lotus blossom
      Smiling buddha

Night has fallen
Shadow of the bamboo
      Frogs challenging crickets

Breaking waves
Smell of Frangipani
      Bats silent in the cave

Sound of the surf
Pandanus under the sun
      A cricket sitting on a blue blossom

Hurrying clouds above the sea
Shade under a lonely roof
     A gecko crying out

Rolling surf
Amongst the blue blossoms
      A yellow butterfly

Stones clattering down the cliff
Between two bushes
      The dragonfly lingers

Waves whitening
Hot wind on the cliff
      While the swallows hunt

A moment of silence
Sun covered by clouds
      Then roars the surf

Black veil
Sent sun to sleep
      Morning unveils 


Was ist der Tod mir
Blätter sterben lichterloh
      Und freu’ mich dran

At last there it is
The word to disguise a world 
      That has lost its grace

“Paddy’s Day Parade”
Green waters of Chicago
      Life means marching on

Merapi firing
All Yogya covered in dust
      Yet not Pompeii

Renouncing the world
With apple pie in the mouth
      We are still so young 

Stars peek from above
Airplane curves to runway
      Where will we arrive?

Wir standen wartend
AbendGesellschaft bricht auf
      Licht fließt in die Nacht

Winter’s still to come
Awful stretch of wasted time
      Waiting for next spring

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