Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Skin Lesions of Unknown Etiology

Yesterday I saw a male patient born in 1965. He was suffering from a skin defect on his left food. He is currently in another hospital. ANA, ANCA, RF, ENA, CRP negative. No leukocytosis. The lab didn't yield anything. The lesions are painless. He described having cleaned a dirty pool (plants, not for swimming) and afterwards the skin lesions devolopped within 5 hours. He is a smoker. The lesions didn't look like vasculitis. You can still see the dermal papillae on the ground of the lesions. My idea was looking for toxic or infectious origin.

Anyone having seen such lesions before?

1 comment:

  1. A dermatological examination yielded no new ideas.
    Someone mentioned Staphylococcus sciuri subsp. carnaticus as possible cause.
    The lesion vanished without therapy.
    Anyone with new ideas?