Saturday, July 7, 2012

Yak at Shangri-la

Yesterday I have posted on Jak at the EULAR 2012, today it's on Yak at Shangri-la. I have visited Shangri-la before going on a trip to Lhasa overland. Zhongdian (中甸) has been given the name Shangri-la (香格里拉), which you might know from James Hilton's novel "Lost Horizon". Shangri-la is also the county in the far North West of Yunnan bordering to Tibet; Tibetans are the county's major ethnic group with about 40%. As Shangri-la lies at an altitude of about 3300 m, it's good to rest there and acclimatize for higher altitudes. Instead of staying in town, better try to stay near the monastery of Ganden Songtsenling, where you can see the yaks on the meadows in the surrounding valleys.

 The monastery of Ganden Songtsenling

Monks at Ganden Songtsenling

Outside the valley of Ganden Songtsenling Shangri-la is waiting for you

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