Sunday, July 1, 2012

Synavive (CRx-102) at the EULAR 2012?

Last year I had tweeted on Synavive, a combination of 2 mgs of prednisolone and 200 mgs of dipyramidole: “Zalicus has started a hhase [phase] 2b trial in rheumatoid arthritis; it's a glucocorticoid/dipyramidole combination. I still have my doubts! #rheum“.

Synavive had been presented at the ACR 2004; poster title: "Synavive (CRx-102) a novel, orally available, syncretic agent with significant in vitro and in vivo immuno-modulatory activity, and a dissociated steroid profile".
A poster with the title: “Phase 2 Trial to Investigate Synavive (CRx-102) for the Treatment of Active Rheumatoid Arthritis” (unclear, where it has been published) stated: “CRx-102 produces a clinically meaningful and rapid decrease in disease activity as assessed by DAS28, ACR and CRP in this 6-week study”.
At the EULAR 2007 another poster has been presented: “Inhibition of Macrophage and Chondrocyte Inflammatory Mediators by Synavive (CRx-102), a Novel Synergistic Combination Drug Candidate”.

And what did I hear at the EULAR 2012 in Berlin – nothing at all! So why am I writing on this topic? Because it could be an approach to reduce prednisolone dosage, it would be interesting to compare to Lodotra, and because it is discussed in non-medical circles (news for shareholders): “Zalicus has concluded patient enrolment in the Phase 2b trial of Synavive, a low-dose glucocorticoid used for the treatment of patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA)”.

Maybe we didn't see anything new because of Novartis and Zalicus collaboration problems, but maybe this glucocorticoid/dipyramidole combination isn't a succeess story. I'll keep my eyes open at the next ACR and EULAR meetings.

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