Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Unclear Bone Tumor in a Patient with Fibromyalgia

Yesterday I’ve spent the afternoon discussing fibromyalgia with a group of patients, who are at our hospital for treatment. Half of them told me the story that once the diagnosis was made, GPs and other physicians tend to think every new symptom is due to fibromyalgia.
About 2 weeks ago I’ve seen one of our former patients with fibromyalgia, who participated in our multimodal treatment and afterwards was doing fine. This time she came because of a bone tumor on the left side of her head. Normally you see such a bump in science fiction movies. She noticed the bump about one and a half years ago for the first time. Moreover the bump is painful. X-rays were done and she was told it is a calcification, later someone suggested Paget’s disease (osteodystrophia deformans). We’ve done new X-ray-charts as you can see below. I don’t think it’s Paget’s disease but a bone tumor. We have referred her to neurosurgery to get a biopsy.
Fibromyalgia doesn’t cause bone tumors. Fibromyalgia patients need the same care as everyone, when it comes to a new problem.

I think one doesn't have to be a radiology expert to see the tumor of bone density on the left side.

This picture and the following show a little bit of the brush like structure of the tumor.

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