Thursday, November 24, 2016

Haiku Into the Last Weeks of Autumn

This night
Too cold for leaves
To fall

Scalped trees
Did autumn come from

Long night
Lazy moon
Cricket busy still

Misty dawn
Foggy brain
Tea is ready

Quick moon
Freed from green fetters
Only the sky can hold him

November writes poems
Stretched cirrus lines
While sun’s laughing

Hurrying clouds
Lonely roof’s shade
Gecko crying out

Falling leaves
Each with your name
Mail delivered too late

Slow moon
Dead leaves in heeps
Last cricket hiding

Cold night
On Hanshan
But my burning soul

The German haiku section for today:

Wind zieht durch Bäume
Schneeflocken nicht fern
Krah – krah - krah

Frischer Holzduft
Von neuen Dachfirst
Leere Fenster noch

Die Kronen entlaubt
„Und aus den Wiesen steiget ...“

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