Monday, November 21, 2016

Sacred Sones in Peru like at Saksaywaman or Machu Picchu and the misuse of these

"Keiner ist so verrückt, dass er nicht einen noch
Verrückteren fände, der ihn versteht."
Die Harzreise von Heinrich Heine

When you go to Saksaywaman or Machu Picchu you will find quite a lot of stones used at terrace walls or buildings, which attract even more eccentrics and esoteric people. They believe that the stones are emitting energy and that they can receive this energy. But if you look soberly and in a more scientific way at it: which kind of energy are the big boulders emitting? How can on measure this energy? Somehow I felt reminded of: “No one is so crazy that he doesn‘t find someone even more insane, who understands him.” Translated from the German text above. And no, it isn’t by Friedrich Nietzsche, it’s by Heinrich Heine, who has written this line in “Die Harzreise” – The Journey to the Harz.

Let’s have a couple of looks at this strange phenomenon. 

No go and touch any more!

Oh, we'll find another big stone.

Or we let the sourroundings replenish us with energy.

A harless big slab of stone?

Not so harmless - it leads to mass hysteria.

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