Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Market of Tarabuco

Tarabuco is a small town in Bolivia near Sucre. And also near to the new airport. The town has about 3000 inhabitants. Tarabuco lies in between the altiplano and the lowland, but still at an altitude of about 3300 m! Every Sunday Tarabuco sees a big market. The people from the surrounding communities exchange food, agricultural products, clothing, animals, and also there is a portion of the market dedicated to souvenirs for tourists. As they (like myself) also flock in. The locals speak Quechua rather than Castellano. Some walk there leading a donkey or a mule, some take a bus, others own a truck to transport their goods to the market. The local people wear their traditional dresses like ponchos or leather hats that resemble the helmets of the conquistadores. Though tourism has taken Tarabuco market as a destination, it still is one of the most authentic markets in Bolivia.

Going to the market

The big sacks contain coca leaves

These sandals are made from ols tires

Old man in traditional clothes, the leather hat resembles a helmet

Part of the market, where goods are rather exchanged than bought

No everyone wears traditional clothes, or maybe better only to a lesser degree

Modern communication 

Crowds at the part, where goods are sold from the trucks

Pack animals may rest and feed

More coca leaves

The market is also a meeting place

Discussing prices

 Prepared goods for sacrifices and  dried llama foetus as well as bottles with spirits

Colorful, but that's the souvenir section

After the purchases

Only part of the town serves as market


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