Monday, March 5, 2018

Cranes returning North

A little more than three years ago I had written about cranes heading south, which I had seen from a hospital in Meerbusch. It was early November. This weekend (first weekend in March) I've been in the Eifel region and could watch the cranes returning north. My brother told me the last migrating south he had seen in December. The cranes came in waves and we’ve heard thousands of cranes (not wild geese) cattering before they flew above us In Diefenbach. Here are some of the pictures, I've been able to take yesterday.

Winding higher up in the thermic

Complex lines

    During this
With the
And not
    With the


River running and rolling
Then slackened and stagnant
Barks bowing to billows

Olive water and withered willows
Boys playing on barren banks
Black smoke blown from barbecues

Mists moving though mornings
Icy mud clings to the mooring
The cranes cross in large crowds

Winter mollies the waterfront
White blanket melts despite the whiff
Rivulet murmurs into the Rhine

Spring returns with snowmelt
River sloshes around and across the slopes
First buds opening for the busy bees

Oh, join me for a journey
Along the towpaths and through towns
Through all seasons with sober mirth

Simmering water 
The rice is nearly ready 
But the cranes will leave



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