Tuesday, December 11, 2018

A Quantum Bullshit and the so-called “Energentics Energy Card”

Lately the husband of a patient asked about a so-called “Energentics Energy Card”. Most people, as they grow up loose the belief in Santa Claus, very few don’t, but quite a lot of people are prone to believe in some bullshit.

The company states: “FRESH SQUEEZED ENERGY The AEGEA ENERGENTICS ENERGY CARD is a revolutionary, carbon-fiber effective & easy to use, grounding frequency technology that works naturally to improve your food, health & well-being.” And: “Simply wave the ENERGENTICS ENERGY CARD over your items to enjoy the benefits of Earth grounding energy.”
If you look into “The Aegea Compensation Plan” you’ll soon find out that it’s a pyramid scheme, which is illegal in some countries.

The question of what quantum medicine or quantum healing should actually be is still unclear. It just sounds interesting. And people think that its foundation would be quantum mechanics. Quantum healing isn’t scientific; it is an eclectic mixture that draws from unconnected ideas found in quantum mechanics, philosophy, psychology, and other sources.

There aren’t any medical studies on the ENERGENTICS ENERGY CARD; you might find anecdotal testimonials, which can’t be verified and therefore are worthless. You will also find in PubMed studies in obscure journals, which come up with articles that contain elegant nonsense. A. Sokal and J. Bricmont called it fashionable nonsense: the incorrect use of scientific concepts.

What did I counsel? Spend the money on something else.

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